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To empower businesses to act faster and more decisively through tailor-made financial and operational process improvements and actionable business & financial insights.


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Performance Dashboards

You choose the format. You choose the structure. So long as the information exists it can be sliced, diced, processed and consolidated into an elegant, informative dashboard for management and employees to review over meetings, appraisals and performance reviews.

Process Optimisation

Eliminate the need for tedious manual work and focus on making your business a success. Each process is broken down, simplified and automated where possible, reducing inaccuracies resulting from human error and overly elaborate methods. Benefit from shortening the turnaround time of your data processing, reports, payments and other business operations.

Management Reports

Timely creation of group level management reports including P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports with insights and commentary to aid in decision making.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

We work with management and relevant departments in your business to meticulously (or broadly) plan, forecast and budget future revenues, expenses, funding and resources. We conduct variance analyses of actual versus budget with additional insights and commentary.

Financial Modelling

Interactive, user-friendly business modelling for multiple scenario analysis with variable inputs and assumptions. This powerful tool can assist with fundraising, strategy, product planning, what-if analysis, stress testing, cash management and other decision-making.

Cost, Profitability and ROI Analysis

Take a deeper look into the cost and profitability of your products and services, expenses, resources, customer ROI. Identify revenue building opportunities and reduce low-return investments. Custom built calculators to enable your staff to run their own analyses.

Bespoke Solutions

Do you have a unique requirement? Get in touch and we can create a solution for your unique needs.

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Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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